A Huge downfall in LPG Prices by Ogra Pakistan

Now Local & Imported LPG will be sold on same price. Irfan Khokhar

Decrease in Lpg Prices by OGRA
Surprise Downfall in LPG Prices

Ogra's historical decision broke the back of the LPG mafia, a surprising drop in the price of LPG. The price of LPG reduced from Rs 350 to 210 per kg.According to Irfan Khokhar, chairman of  LPG Distribution Association, Sui Southern Gas Company did black marketing worth billion of rupees, but OGRA has heard and notified in this regard. After this the crop decision was issued, according to the decision of OGRA, local and imported LPG will now be sold at the same price.According to Irfan Khokhar that Sui Southern Company has made illegal profit of billion of rupees by selling LPG at his own desires which should be investigated.

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